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  CONCORD, N.H. Sen. Amy Klobuchar prides herself onbeing Minnesota nice, but the Democratic presidential candidates sharp elbows and wry wit were fully on display on Wednesday asshe filed to place her name on the first-in-the-nation presidential primary ballot.

  Klobuchar, who seen a boost in energy and fundraising in recent weeks following a well-received performance in Octobers Democratic presidential nomination debate, took a jab at South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg -- another more moderate rival who has also soared thanks to his debate performance.


  Differentiating herself from the 37-year-old Buttigieg,whos ahead of her in the polls,Klobuchar told Fox News that shes prevailed in difficult contests again and again. He hasnt done that, if youre talking about the mayor, and I have. And I think those kind of experiences are really important if youre putting someone forward to lead a ticket.

  Klobuchars considered one of the more centrist or moderate contenders in the large field of Democratic White House hopefuls. But she takes issue with that description, and once again touted herself as a proven progressive

  Compared to some of the candidates on the stage, I just have vast experience in getting things done, she emphasized. I have passed over 100 bills where I am the lead Democrat, significantly more than the other people who are on that stage that are still in the U.S. Senate.


  Klobuchar took aim at Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, afront-runners in the nomination race along with former Vice President Joe Biden.

  Continuing her very vocal opposition to the government-run Medicare-for-all health care system proposed by both Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont another top-tier contender Klobuchar highlighted in an interviewthat Medicare-for-all is a worthy idea and my issue is with how that bill works and the fact that you would kick 149 million people off their insurance in just four years -- and I dont agree with it. And her name is on that bill.

  Klobuchar also took a shot at Biden, who in a recent Medium post described Warrens approach to Medicare-for-all as elitist.

  I wouldnt use that word, Klobuchar said.

  Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado also criticized Medicare-for-all. Minutes after he filed at the Secretary of States office on Tuesday afternoon, he told Fox News, I think thats a big mistake.

  Bennet like Klobuchar supports strengthening the current health care system by adding a public Medicare-type option to the Affordable Care Act.

  Pointing to Medicare-for-all which is strongly supported by the Democratic Partys progressive base the centrist senator said its a lurch to a set of policies that are good for raising money on the internet, I guess, but are never going to happen. And I dont want to spent the next 10 years spending a losing battle for Medicare-for-all.








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